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Endocrinology – An Integrated Approach de Stephen-S Nussey

Endocrinology - An Integrated Approach de Stephen-S Nussey

Auteur(s) : Stephen-S Nussey – Saffron WhiteheadEditeur : Bios Scientific PublishersLangue : Anglais Parution : 16/06/2001Nombre de pages : 358 Nombre de livres : 1Expédition : 865Dimensions : 24.00 x 18.50 x 2.20
Résumé :
Endocrinology has been written to meet the requirements of today’s trainee doctors and the demands of an increasing number of degree courses in health and biomedical sciences, and allied subjects. It is a truly integrated text using large numbers of real clinical cases to introduce the basic biochemistry, physiology and pathophysiology underlying endocrine disorders and also the principles of clinical diagnosis and treatment. The increasing importance of the molecular and genetic aspects of endocrinology in relation to clinical medicine is explained.

The cases used for this book range from classical clinical presentations to those of a more idiosyncratic nature. The book is generously illustrated with annotated diagrams and clinical photographs. Boxed sections summarize key information such as the signs and symptoms of endocrine disorders and their treatments and are ideal summaries for revision purposes.

At the end of each chapter three additional illustrated cases

are presented along with questions pertaining to the clinical

case. These can either be used to form the basis for discussion

in tutorials or problem-based learning or for further private

study. The answers to these questions are given on a purpose-

built website : wwwbios.co.uk/endocrinology. This website

extends the scope of the book in many other ways. It holds all

the clinical images from the chapters, many of which are in

color. It also has further clinical case studies, an image-based

quiz and an extensive reading list pertinent to each chapter. An

additional 1000 MCQs tailored to the needs of the postgraduate student are also provided.
Principles of endocrinologyThe endocrine pancreasThe thyroid glandThe adrenal glandThe parathyroid glands and vitamin BThe glandThe pituitary gland
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